Robotics is a fun way to teach kids about various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math’s) concepts and programming. It also help kids build other essential life skills like team work, out of box thinking, problem solving etc. Hands on learning help kids to understand the concepts better and retain them. Even though they work as team and collaborate to complete the project but in the process they learn to take ownership of their work and understand the importance of it in completing the final project.
Lego EV3 set provides one of the most comprehensive and easy approach to Robotics. The intuitive drag and drop software to program the robots is very powerful and teach kids basics of programming (which would be very useful for any programming language they learn later) in a very easy to learn way.

Each class would be divided into different groups (teams). Kids will work in a team of 2/3 to complete a project and each team would have one computer and one robotics kit (EV3). As the project will require brainstorming, construction and programming, they will be encouraged to organize as team and distribute the work. We will ensure that kids are involved in all activities in a projects so that each kid gets hands on experience in designing, building and programming the robot.
Class duration would be 1 hour at Level I and Level II

These are different levels of classes based on complexity of topics covered and projects done.
Level I: This level covers all the basic fundamentals related to building a EV3 robot. Kids learn to work with servo motors and touch, color, infrared sensor at this level.In programming they learn about logic, flow control, loops, decision making. No prior experience with robotics is required to join this level.
Level II: This level exposes kids to much more complex building concepts.They work on many contraptions/attachments using medium motor and gears. Kids get to work with ultrasonic and gyro sensor at this level.They learn about line following robot, functions(My block) and other robotic principles as well.A solid understanding of all the basic robotic principles is required to join this level. Beginner course with Robotics and kids is preferred to join this level.
Level III: Exposure to Sensor blocks, Data wires, Mathematical and Advanced blocks and other advance robotic principles and projects. Advanced I course with Robotics and Kids would be prerequisite for attending this level.

Kid has to be 8 years or older to attend our classes.
No, we would provide all the necessary things to build and program the robots.
Learning by doing. Kids will have hands on experience doing interesting projects that will require designing, construction, programming and different STEM skills. All projects are designed such that kids can complete a project in one class and see it working.

Please fill and sign the following Waiver form and bring it with you during registration or first class.
Waiver Form

75% refund up to two weeks before the beginning of the session. No refund thereafter.
Makeup classes are based on availability in other class and they are not guaranteed. No makeup classes for afterschool sessions.
You can register your kid by going to our Classes Page.Please choose the class Level, day and time that suits you and your child. Click on REGISTER, it will take you to a form where you can fill all the required details about the kid. Click on Check out with Paypal which will take you to Paypal gateway where you can pay using your credit/ debit card or your paypal account.
Even if you kid has prior experience with EV3, it is strongly recommended that he takes beginner’s level to reinforce all the basic concepts of robotics. The projects at advanced levels become much more complex and require a solid learning of all the basic principles of robotics.
Please Contact us and we would be happy to answer your query.