Robotics And Kids is here to offer a new learning opportunity which integrates concepts of STEM and programming with Robotics in a fun way. Our Motto is Imagine, Innovate, Inspire!!!  Imagine, let the creativity flow .Innovate, use your ideas to build your very own unique robots. Inspire, yourself and everyone around you!!

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Robotics is an interesting way to reinforce these academic concepts in context. Beyond STEM fundamentals, Robotics aid in the development of other critical life skills, such as creativity, teamwork, problem solving, innovation, project management, communications. Even the newly introduced “Common Core Standards “stresses on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills for students to be successful in future. Another skill kids acquire while doing robotics is Programming. Kids get to use all the important programming concepts like commands, variables, program flow, iteration (repetition), decision making, multi-tasking etc. which are basic building blocks any programming language they learn in future.

The classes will be powered by the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 kit. Combining the versatility of the LEGO® building system, a powerful microcomputer brick (one of the most sophisticated Linux based robotic system), and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software, this adventure will have kids creating their own robots on their first day itself. Each class stresses upon some new construction and programming principle and the kids get hands on experience on both the essential components of robotics.

We believe that Learning is fun!! And Robotics is the perfect way to do that. All kids have a natural talent for engineering and we are merely providing them the medium to channelize their curiosity and understand their inborn talent. So we invite all of you to come and join this wonderful world of Robotics with us.

Meet the founder

Hi! I am Swati Mittal. I have Master’s degree in computer application. In addition, I have completed Lego education’s Instructor course on EV3. After completing my Master’s degree I worked in Software Industry as software developer. Later in my career I have taught computer programming language to high school students.
My interest in Lego bricks started with my son who is really fond of Lego. Few years back he got a Lego Mindstroms. Though he was having fun building robots with that but all of them were based on instruction provided with the set. We put him in couple of one week robotics camp but that didn’t help much. At this point I decided to explore Lego EV3 myself. I went through few books on Lego EV3 and realized the potential of this robotics kit. The programming language was so versatile and powerful and there were so many engineering concepts related to construction that no wonder one week camp was not able to do justice with to subject. I felt that if taught properly this might be good supplement for class room education of STEM subjects. Students acquire knowledge in classroom but they can apply their knowledge in robotics and thus making their learning more fun. I took Lego Education Instructor course to enhance my skills as robotics instructor. I founded “Robotics And Kids” in 2015 with the goal to teach kids robotics in an intriguing interesting way to enhance their STEM knowledge and introduce them to the world of programming.