Robotics for kids is a fun way to teach them about various STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts and programming. It also help kids build other essential life skills like team work, out of the box thinking, problem solving etc. Hands on learning help kids to understand the concepts better and retain them.

In 20th century word languages referred to English, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi etc but in 21st century the word represents C++, Java, and python. So the need to acquire Programming skills in today’s ever evolving world is much more important than ever before .Starting early will provide them an edge in this competitive environment.
A big part of robotics is programming the robot. The EV3 programming language is based on graphical interface that helps kids to understand the concepts without worrying about complex syntax of other languages like C and Python. Programming includes important concepts like loops, decisions, variables, multitasking etc. Even thought the interface is simple, it’s still very versatile and can be used for really complex programs

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Robotics is an interesting way to reinforce these academic concepts in context.Robotics introduces kids to a lot of engineering concepts and objects like gears, axle that they understand their application in real world.Kids use various Math concepts like angles, curves etc in many of their robotics projects and learn the real world usage.Many new devices like “google car” use robotics concepts, robotics help kids to understand and appreciate the technology behind new developments.

Kids have to work as a part of a 2-3 member team and share responsibilities, take ownership of their work. A robotics project can be completed in several ways and kids will use their creativity to build and program their very own unique robot.They improve their communication skills and boost their confidence while having fun and working together.

Robotics And Kids conducts robotics classes for kids using LEGO® EV3.

  • 12 kids per class
  • 2 kids team to complete the project
  • Each Team will have a robotics kit and a laptop
  • A new exciting project every class involving sensors and motors.
  • Mostly one session will consist of 10 classes (1 class per week)

These are different levels of classes based on complexity of topics covered and projects done.
Level I: This level covers all the basic fundamentals related to building a EV3 robot. Kids learn to work with servo motors and touch, color, infrared sensor at this level.In programming they learn about logic, flow control, loops, decision making. No prior experience with robotics is required to join this level.
Level II: This level exposes kids to much more complex building concepts.They work on many contraptions/ attachments using medium motor and gears.Kids get to work with ultrasonic and gyro sensor at this level.They learn about line following robot, functions(My block) and other robotic principles as well.A solid understanding of all the basic robotic principles is required to join this level. Level 1 course with Robotics and kids is preferred to join this level.
Level III: Exposure to Sensor blocks, Data wires, Mathematical and Advanced blocks and other advance robotic principles and projects. Level 2 course with Robotics and Kids would be prerequisite for attending this level.

Robotics Summer Camp

Robotics Summer Camp

Age 8 and up

Hands on, creative, high energy fun.


Level I

Robotics Classes

Age 8 and up (No prior experience required)

Introduction to basic robotic construction,servo motor movements, touch, color, infrared sensors, and loops, switch in programming


Level II

Robotics Summer Camp

Age 8 and up (Prerequisite: Level I course )

Exposure to gyro and ultrasonic sensors , attachments using medium motor,gears,line following  and other robotic principles.